What is Managed IT Services?

Maintenance | 24/7 IT Support | Cyber Resilience

MCS GEEKS monitors and maintains your network and computer systems for your business. We make sure your IT is protected and continues to run smoothly 24/7. Whether you are installing new computer systems or patching software, or needing to streamline your current systems, we can do it all!

We are different from other MSPs

We understand, no business is alike, so we customize our Managed IT services for your business. We will sit down with you to discuss and review your current system and your system’s needs. We want to become experts of your company’s IT needs.

We offer a wide range of plans for your business whether your needs are from routine maintenance to our all-inclusive Tiger VIP Plans.

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  • Proactive IT Security
  • All-inclusive Labor
  • 24/7 IT Monitoring
  • All-inclusive Maintenance
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Expert IT Support
  • Reduces Your IT Operating Costs
  • Predictive Billing
  • Peace of Mind

Discover What Managed Services Can Do For Your Business!

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