How to Fix Impersonation error 11021

How to Fix Impersonation error 11021

How to fix impersonation error 11021, unable to open user.

Below are the instructions on how to fix this problem, also below is a walk threw video.
1. Login to office 365, (
2. Click on admin Icon
3. On the left panel scroll down to admin centers
4. Click on Admin Centers
5. Click on Exchange
6. Click on permissions
7. Click/highlight on Discovery Management
8. Click on the edit button (pencil)
9. Under Roles click the + sign
10. Click/highlight ApplicationImpersonation
11. Click "add"
12. Click "OK"
13. Under Members click the + sign
14. Click/highlight the admin
15. Click add
16. Click save

might need to do this to restart the migration---STOP THE MIGRATION AND RE-ADD THE MIGRATION USER.

If you need help with migration we can help.

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