How to prevent Viruses and Unwanted programs

How to prevent Viruses and Unwanted programs

Here are a few tips to prevent your computer from getting viruses:

1. READ  everything before you click, open or install anything.

Only download from websites you can trust.  Never click on 'next' without first reading.

cnet2For example on the left we want to install Ultimate Windows Tweaker, However the installer is giving you what they call a "special offer" by clicking Accept, that software will be installed. 

To prevent this be careful and always read before clicking accept or next.


2.  When surfing the internet use the same principle as above READ

adobe warning false

While browsing through the internet you may encounter an occasional web page where a pop up will automatically appear (such as the one on the left). More often than not, these type of websites are not real, and will install programs such as the ones mentioned above. One way to detect if a page is legitimate is to look at the URL (highlighted in yellow).  As you see can it doesn't say

3. Never give out your password, and never use a simple password. A good password should have Capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and a special symbol. The password length should be at least 8 characters long. Example: C0mG33k#

4. Keep your computer updated

 Always keep Java, Adobe Flash, Acrobat Reader and similar software UP TO DATE. This can prevent viruses from penetrating security vulnerabilities in older versions of the software.

5. Install a good reputable Anti-Virus / Internet Security program.

There are many Anti-virus programs; Its important to note that even with the best anti-virus, you can still get infected, primarily if you download malicious software (see step # 1).